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 27.11.2008 Euro Open Cup - Quake 4 & Quake Live back

Quake Live Duel play-offs are ready now, so you are free to play first round of this competition. 32 players advanced to play-offs and they will fight in Single Elimination brackets. All games will be BO5 and you HAVE TO record demos from all games.

Quake 4 Duel play-offs put together 16 players and same as in Quake Live, games will be BO5 and you should record demos.

Quake Live TDM groups are ready for you right now and you can check all of them right here. I`am sorry that they were published one day later than I promised, but finally you are free to play and schedule all your matches.

WEEK 2 Games date of playing: 8.2.08 - 15.12.08
Group A   Group  B
Satan's Proxies - vs - [D]
[D] - vs - pRince-Gaming
fact - vs - Sohei  
  poffi - vs - sexeh
MDMA - vs - Team.Hyped
wreCkamob - vs - team k1ck
Group C   Group D
Elite Squad - vs - E-inc  
Rydaz - vs - Quad-at-Home
esports-Live -vs- Immortal Q. 
  Ionabotter's  Czech Quake
Dog’s Bollocks -vs- MiEL GAMiNG
h4x Team -vs- Polish FFA team

From each group 4 of 6 teams will advance to play-offs and its  BO5 Single Elimination.

Basic Groups matches are BO3 and all players should be able to give admin theirs demo during all Euro Open Cup.

Captains of each team are responsible for announcing results to admin.

Quake Live and Quake 4 Duel players got one extra week to finish theirs matches or report all the results to my mail czechquake@gmail.com so they can be added and you can receive your points.

Play-Offs will start on 24th November as well as first week of TDM GAMES

  Quake 4 Duel

  Quake Live Duel

Quake Live TDM

Maps: Phrantic, Monsoon,
Ravage, Torment,
 Placebo Effect
  qztourney4, qzdm6 , qztourney7, qzdm13 , qztourney6   qzdm6, qzdm7, qzdm12, qzdm14, qztourney7
IRC: #Q4.cz   #QL.cz    #QL.cz
Players: 21
   64    20
Admin: Hawr1x, Lahire
  Hawr1x, Lahire, Mad

Officiální kanál
: #Quakers.ws : Official channel
Officialní email
: czechquake@gmail.com : Official email  


Hawr1x 23:33 @ 03/12/08
RL >> Fun
- But you are true and we are trying to update all the stuff, put some updates and write some news
style 21:53 @ 03/12/08
is any1 actually making sure games r played?

seems very badly organised at ql tdm...
SA 09:35 @ 20/11/08
gfhfhfgh 17:06 @ 12/11/08
Walpeer 11:49 @ 19/10/08
bo ses vul co si meni pokazde nick :) koho mi to pripomina :D
fajji' 09:16 @ 19/10/08
Hmm aspon ze se vam vsem podarilo regnou nwm co sem hawr1xovi udelal ani ho neznam ale je to druhej cup kam me nepridal nechapu ale tak vsem cechum GL hF ;)
Lahire 06:51 @ 15/10/08
nevim me ten torment pride dobre predelanej , zvuk je vnem dobrej , mapa se da probehnout plynule a vychytanej tunel pres kterej se da sklouznout k megahealtu, proste nice mi pride
rmng 17:25 @ 14/10/08
ravage je pro q4 daleko lepsi mapa nez galang...muj subjektivni pocit:) torment bych vynechal...ten patri do qw=)
Walpeer 12:30 @ 14/10/08
drzel bych se maplsitu posledniho ESWC v q4...
* Phrantic
* Monsoon
* Galang v 1.1 nebo 1.2 :)
* Placebo Effect
* Torment
Lahire 11:29 @ 14/10/08
hlavne nevim co tady brecite ohledne ravage vs galang, stejne hrajete jen moonson :-x :-P
LH 06:56 @ 14/10/08
hlavne nekomu nedoslo ze tam ma byt jen 5 map takze naky man called sun asi tezko. o galang by se dalo uvazovat ale uz pekne dlouho se na maplist nedava.. tak kdo tu je pak lame (rmng) :O
Lahire 06:52 @ 14/10/08
ravage rozhodne :-)
Kyng 20:45 @ 13/10/08
Galang je nice, nevim proč ho tam nedat...
WalpeerUsh 20:22 @ 13/10/08
otazka na telo na ktere mape zazijete veci akci galang nebo ravage ? :)hm :)
WalpeerUsh 20:15 @ 13/10/08
ty jo kluci fakt me zacinate stvat kolik lidi hraje ravage?hm fakt nevim proc nenechate galang 100x lepsi mapa furt tam cpete mapy ala QW kdyz vas bavi QW tak hrajte QW ale necpete mi tyhle mapy do Q4ky..fakt tyhle protekcni mapy nemam rad...
Hawr1x 20:02 @ 13/10/08
rmng, Kyng - sila zvyku, samo ze tam je Ravage misto Galangu :)
Kyng 19:53 @ 13/10/08
Galnag to rulí :) ja bych ale adnul ravage a Man Caled Sun
rmng 19:34 @ 13/10/08
lame maplist,misto galangu ravage
....jinak docela cajk
Kyng 18:25 @ 13/10/08
Nice :)
WalpeerUsh 16:04 @ 13/10/08
jeste by to chtelo i nake TDM treba v QL ikdyz tam by to asi neslo.
WalpeerUsh 16:03 @ 13/10/08
:Oo sem netusil ze tak brzy :)
Lahire 06:47 @ 13/10/08
Yo madafakaz

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