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 12.04.2008 QNC: Poland B vs. Czech republic

Quake Nations Cup, QuakeWorld, Playoffs, Losers' Bracket Round 1
Game Between Poland B and Czech Republic

207:95 369:78


In Castle of The Damned Czech republic had problems securing the Grenade launcher and Yellow armor areas, once they had Quad and other some strong player in there and the Quad went to hunt down Polish players, they instead launched a sneaking attack and gained the control back quite quickly.
In Claustrophobolis Poland quickly killed first two Czech Quads and then took control over the map. Czech republic struggled to gain control back over the lower Rocket launcher and Red Armor+Megahealth areas, Polish players well doing serious damage there not allowing the Czech team to get back on their feets for a long time, with Quad helping to sweep the area too.


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