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 13.04.2008 QNC: Sweden C vs. Netherlands

Quake Nations Cup, QuakeWorld, Playoffs, Winners' Bracket Round 2
Game Between Sweden C and Netherlands

187:140 263:164


The Abandoned Base was under control of the Netherlands team from the beginning, however Sweden managed to gain control over more weapons in the middle of the match and they slowed down gaining of the frags by the Netherlands. But even when they started picking up Quads, Netherlands didn't give out any frags for free and even with less weapons in their hands for most of the time they secured nice lead for themselves.

In Claustrophobolic Sweden got two Rocket Launchers and also Quad and the beginning and started to build a strong lead. Somewhere in the middle of the match Sweden was leading by 100 frags when Netherlands managed to kill their Quad and quickly take over the map, grabbing some Quads and doing an unmerciful turnover around 15th minute. The carnage was not over until the very end of the match and Netherlands won this map by around 100 frags.
200 frags in 10 minutes, something you don't see so oftern.


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