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 19.01.2009 Quake Nations Cup 2009 - Rules

Reg Open
Reg Open
Basic Groups
Reg Open
Reg Open

Every Nation can sign up team to every Quake TDM.
Squad contains up to 8 players, Base lineup 4+1 must be selected.

Players can play in every game
- one squad per Quake

Coach is counted as a player.
In Lineups, marked by

Captain of each Squad is part of Council that decides about tournaments rules.

Official IRC channel of tournament is #Quakers.ws

Registration OPEN - till 18th January

Captain of each team must send email on czechquake@gmail.com with following info about all players.
name "nick" surename,
clan (if available), IRC, ICQ

Quake 4 Team Deathmatch

Modification: Q4MAX 0.82, TDM 90
Basic Settings: Timelimit 20, Fraglimit 0
Servers: Most Equal Server available

Maps: Sandstorm, Better Than Nothing, Bloodwork,Over The Edge, Fragging Yard 

Quake Live Team Deathmatch

Basic Settings: Timelimit 15, Fraglimit 0
Servers: Most Equal Server available

qzdm6 qzdm7 qzdm14

Match Procedure

All matches are agreed on channel #Quakers.ws.
Team Captains choose server that is most equal* for both nations.
- IP addres must be announced to admin
* Matches against team USA are played on UK servers

From each map your team win must be presented demo of one player chosen by Captain.
Screenshots of all maps and results must be presented to admin of each cup.


2:0 ( 4 points for winner, 1 point for loser )
2:1 ( 3 points for winner, 2 point for loser )

Match Scheduling

Captains have to arrange matches of National Teams until Friday of previous Week.
Time and Date of your match must be told to admin od each tournament.

Rescheduling: is possible ONLY if both teams Captains agreed on new date and time. Last possibility for rescheduling of each match is 24 hours before the game should begin.

- Later Rescheduling will be payed by lost of one map in your match.

Base Groups draw

National teamswere put into groups by skill. After this they were randomly selected to each basic group.

Basic Groups Draw was presented Live! on PG24.tv in Czech Quake Show on Monday, 14th January at 20:00 CET. More about Groups

Tourney & Match System

Teams will be devided into Basic Groups (2 or 4). Number of Basic groups depends on count of National Team signed into each competition. According to number of basic groups 4 or 8 teams from each group will continue to Double Elimination brackets.

Basic Groups: BO3
Play-offs: BO3
Consolations Finals: BO5
Grand Finals: BO5

Each Week, there will be one match and you are completly free to agree matches. Date and time of match must be announced to Admin of tournament.

All players must be presented on #Quakers.ws channel before the match. From every map your team win must be recorded demo that will be presented with match results. Screenshots are requiered as a result proof from each match.

The Council

Captains of each National Team can call votes about basic rules and maplist during Week Zer0 ( 14th January - 21st January )

Captains of each National Team will cast votes about rules suggestion. Once decision will be made rule will be fixed and valid for Quake Nations Cup season. Each Vote can be cast just one time.

Example: Quake 4 - Add Walls of Hate

Calling Vote can be made on IRC by private message to admin of each tournament.


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