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 14.05.2009 Quake4 Reborn duel league

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Quake 4 Reborn Duel League!

May 5, 2009 - poliakov wrote, Hello,
We start the league for some reasons ,
There is no more clanbase quake 4 league , we don't like quake live and of course we're really enjoying quake 4.

We are looking for one more admin or newser with correct english.
Hope many people join the league.

League start 20th of may.

You can sign in now !
1/ register on the website
2/ click participants [q4rebornleague.tourney.cc] and sign :)

Only 3 days to go ! :)

May 14, 2009 - poliakov wrote, We're happy to have 28 peoples for the moment.
Only few words to say :

-Participants list include seeds.
-Please use a correct nickname to join the cup, we won't put uncorrect nick or fake. :)

League will start next week , so when you know who you play, contact your opponent and schedule your game.

If you wanna leave the league for any reason , go to participants and delete your sign



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