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 22.05.2009 Sukiyaki 2v2 tournament

The Czech team Sukiyaki with the help of BACKER COMPUTER s.r.o. brings you open 2v2 vq3 tdm cup.


1st place - Vouchers for PC components worht 350 euro.

2nd place - Acer notebook

3rd place - Tennis equipment


- The cup is open to all nations.

- One team can contain of maximum 4 members.

- Bo3 Full Double Elimination system.

- The teams have to be present on #sukiyaki mIRC channel.

- One wildcard per team for the whole tourney.

- First map is chosen by calling a random 2 vote.

- If 3rd map is needed, team with bigger total frag count starts eliminating first

- One map cannot be played more than a single time during match.

- One or two matches per week, depending on the total number of participants.

- Teams themselves will schedule their matches.


- ztn3dm1, pro-q3dm6, pro-q3tourney7, ospdm6, ospdm11

How to registrate

- Send an email to tdmcup@seznam.cz consisting of your team name, lineup and icq / irc contact for each member.

- Registration ends on 22.5.09 th of 4.6.09

- Optional: Mention if you'd be interested in playing a 4v4 cup after this one.

More informations and sign up teams

Team Lineups

- Karby


Karby 17:05 @ 03/06/09
Je tam na kartu a chci dotahnout tech 32 teamu takze ma posledni sanci
Valvalis 00:02 @ 03/06/09
nechapu, ze jste tam pustili dopika...
das 20:51 @ 24/05/09
zmente nekdo ten format te novinky je to nejaky velky

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