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 14.08.2009 R3spect 1v1 cpma vq3 cup

Last sparklet in the Quake 3 Arena is here. This time something for the fans of duel. Tournament starts 22.8. from 16:00 cet.
This tournament is one day cup. The tournament is open for all and only for fun: )

System: Double elimination bo3
Timelimit: 15 min.
Maplist: pro-q3dm6, hub3aeroq3, pro-nodm9, ztn3tourney1, pro-q3tourney4
Selection of maps: Each player chooses their map, if the state of 1:1 on the map, the player that is the sum of the two maps eliminates multiple points of the first map.

Registration: By sending email to r3spectcups@gmail.com Subject 1v1 r3spect cup. By email, writte yours name and country.

Registred players

For any questions you can contact the Admin of this tournament:
not available Heero-2b (379853458 ) or Official IRC channel : #r3spect.quake
- Heero-2b


il_no 15:15 @ 14/08/09
signed up
m4t3k_pl 15:11 @ 14/08/09

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