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 24.08.2009 Rozhovor s vítězem "n1"
Rozhovor s vítězem

Gratz to win in this tournament, how do you feel today?
Thank's, im tired a liitle

how do you lived in final match ? any special moment?
On q3dm6 played confidently , on hub i was weakeaned a bit, on ztn camp camp camp and rail

in the final you look much smoother than your enemy, without the nerve, what decided your experience?
Maybe it is experience, maybe because i won 1st game in winner bracket confidently

What was your biggest success in your career?
I won 1st place in my city, 3nd place in region URAL

consider the natural talent in the Quake 3 arena, or it was prepared hard way?
Long hard way

Are you going to play quakelive? How value quakelive compared to Quake 3?
I have bad ping to play quakelive therefore as yet q3 and q4

What do you think the organization of today's tournament and how you take today?
Tournament organisation is very well, for 16 players and bo3, we finished quickly. I watch asus cup all day long so im happy )

last question, what do you do in addition to gaming?
I finished learning, try to find a job) and rest...

bb dude
bay thanks


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