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 04.11.2009 Quake 4 Duel #11
Instant Cup Quake 4

Here is next part of Instant Cup #11 we open sign ups from now and we start nearly after Sunday lunch at 14:00 cet  8. of November.

As usual, you can sign in to this tournament by traditional way:

!ADD - Jan "Lahire" Matěja, CZE, fact

For whole tournament, you have to be present in IRC Channel #Q4.cz where this tournament will be starting at 14:00 CET by Check-iN. During time before tourney will start you have to notice your admin - Lahire - that you are presented and ready to play.

!add or query me on irc

Rules :
Maps: Ravage, Torment, Placebo Effect, Phrantic, Moonson,
check-in: 15 min During time before tourney start
Max number of sing-up players: 8-12
System of Tourney: FDE
System of Matches: BO3, GrandFinal BO5

Time limit: 15
Official channel: #Q4.cz

Sign-up players: Lahire, Wallpeer, Poliakov, Danskie
                        Baksteen, The Killer, Killzalot, Soto
                        Gemini, skillah, D4D4, stalker

Standing of players:


Previous part of Instant cup #10


D4D4 vid 12:06 @ 08/11/09
mozna budu neco pozdejs =((
Stalker 11:17 @ 08/11/09
I from Russia? not from Ukrain
Stalker 22:45 @ 07/11/09
D4D4 vid 19:34 @ 07/11/09
!add vId
Kyng 14:55 @ 07/11/09
!remove 13:37 @ 07/11/09
!add skillah, Germany
gemini 16:59 @ 06/11/09
add DpU-gemini >Finland 03:05 @ 05/11/09
!add Dpu-soto,sweden
!add Dpu-soto,sweden 03:05 @ 05/11/09
Killzalot 20:50 @ 04/11/09
!add fact-Killzalot, Germany
THE KILLER 19:10 @ 04/11/09
!add THE KILLER, Netherlands
baksteen 18:50 @ 04/11/09
!add baksteen, Netherlands
Danskie 18:50 @ 04/11/09
poliakov 18:35 @ 04/11/09
player 11:11 @ 04/11/09
Post it on ESR :)
Walpeer 09:33 @ 04/11/09
add nedele je v cjaku :)
Kyng 08:42 @ 04/11/09
WTF co je todle za automat? Dyt ja se nikam nehlasil :D

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